Teacher Worksheets for November 2023

Welcome to the Holidays, Educators!

The November edition of Bear Essential News recently printed and should be distributed to your students. This paper is packed with fun holiday contests and activities plus thought-provoking and inspiring stories.

This month’s main feature focuses on kids getting into Scouting!

The standards-based Worksheets that go along with this issue are posted on Bear’s website. Teachers can sign up for worksheet notifications through the website: Sign up here

Bear’s Holiday Events Guide includes its giveaway to holiday performances and events. Kids can win a Family 4-pack of tickets or gift cards. Kids 14 or younger can enter the coloring contest (page 17 in the Phoenix Edition and page 13 for Tucson) and teachers can submit their students’ entries in one envelope! You can also print the coloring page for your students at BearEssentialNews.com under the Contests tab!

Please encourage your student in grades 3 thru 8 to join our Young Reporters Program! Students get to cover the stories that interest them and those stories are edited before being published on the pages of Bear Essential News. Young Reporters can join our free monthly Zoom meetings, which include inspiring guest speakers for the Young Reporters to interview and write about. Please call 1-866-NEWS KID if you have any questions.

Through the non-profit, Bear Essential Educational Services, you can have Bear editors visit your school or organization to conduct free presentations on writing and/or reporting for kids! Details are online under the Teachers tab. Call the toll-free number to schedule or if you have questions.

This program and these worksheets are brought to you by the 501(c)(3) non-profit Bear Essential Educational Services.

Thank you for utilizing Bear Essential News,

Stephen B Gin, editor