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 Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo is one of the 12 zoos we have in Arizona. It started in 1965 as a very small zoo. Every year Reid Park Zoo puts up their lights during the holiday season to bring joy and fun during Christmas time. This year the ZooLights will be going from Dec. 4–23, with a break for Christmas Eve and Christmas, and then from Dec. 26– 30. Tickets are available for 5:30 p.m. or 7 p.m. at entry points. This year, numbers of people attending are going to be reduced per day due to social distancing, but now you can socially distance meeting Santa in the new North Pole Village!

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 The Wildlife World Zoo is open after almost five months of being closed because of COVID-19. To celebrate this event, I interviewed Mickey Ollson, the founder of Wildlife World Zoo.

Ollson wanted a zoo from the time he was very young. When he was 10, he drew a map of his zoo. He had always loved animals, since he grew up on a farm with all sorts of farm animals, birds, and the family’s dogs. He even once had a pet alligator!

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Have you ever heard of Fat Bear Week?

Fat Bear Week is an annual tournament held at Brooks River, Alaska, in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The preserve stretches about 4.1 million acres. The event determines the fattest bear of the year in Brooks River. From Sept. 30 through Oct. 6, anybody can cast their vote to decide the fattest bear.

It all started as an event titled Fat Bear Tuesday in 2014. It grew into a weeklong contest a year later in hopes of raising awareness about wildlife in the park and preserve, the home of about 2,200 brown bears.

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I am writing this report about a game called “Dino Crunch” by Goliath Games. It’s really fun because the T-rex tries to bite you. There are big tweezers that you grab the eggs with, and the noises sound like you’re in the wild with the dinosaurs.

I’m 8 and I played with my 5-year-old sister and my mom (she said I didn’t have to tell her age) and we all had fun! Although the tweezers made it hard to pick up the eggs, it was interesting and fun because the T-rex would snap at you when you were least expecting it. This game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up.

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In the 1990s, a farmer accidentally ran over a coyote den, leaving only one pup alive. There were no vets that treated wild animals, but fate brought him to Linda Searles. She realized that a rehabilitation center for orphaned animals was a necessity. Searles bought ten acres of land in 1994 and founded The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center or SWCC.

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 The vaquita (Phocoena sinus) is a small porpoise with black marks around the eyes and mouth. They are usually light gray colored, with white underbellies. They live in shallow waters in the Gulf of California, Mexico. There are only about 30 of them left! The main reason for this is that they keep getting caught in fishing nets meant to catch a fish called the totoaba. The marine mammal is the most endangered marine mammal today.

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The Wildlife World Zoo has two new babies!

Mickey Ollson, zoo director, grew up raising all kinds of animals, ducks, guinea pigs, hamsters, ducks, chickensand birds.

According to Ollson, the zoo is 34 years old, on 100 acres with 600 species of animals. The new babies at

the zoo are a bobcat and a bison. The bobcat was born on May 26. He is not yet named. The bison was born on May

15. He weighs 75 pounds and is not yet named.

Ollson says the baby bobcat is being raised by two vets and a vet tech. They are more comfortable with

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 The Egyptian wolf is also called the Egyptian jackal, but is not a jackal at all,

nor did this species originate in Egypt. Instead, it is a member of the wolf family

(Canis aureus lupus ). Egyptian wolves are canines found in the northern areas

of Egypt, the Ethiopian highlands, and the northeastern areas of Libya. The

Egyptian wolf is similar to a jackal, but they are larger and taller than jackals.

They are thin, with a beige, gray or dirty yellow coat.

 The ancient Egyptian god Anubis had the head of a jackal, inspired by the

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