This weekend, I got to watch the new “Cinderella.” The movie includes some familiar faces like Camilla Cabello, Idina Menzel and James Corden.

It was really cool, and I enjoyed hearing some popular songs from Queen, The White Stripes, Madonna and Ed Sheeran. The movie adds a twist to the classic Cinderella story we all know. This story takes the original Cinderella story idea—father dies, evil step-mother, meets a prince—and adds Cinderella becoming the hero of her story, not the prince.

Ella has hopes of making her dress making dreams come true. Everyday, Ella walks by the empty shop plot in the town square. Her problem? No one believes that she should and can be a dressmaker. Her step-mother believes that the only good thing a girl can do in life is marry a rich man. We also meet Prince Robert, the handsome young prince destined to become king. He also has a problem. He doesn’t want to be king or get married. Along the way, Ella’s kindness and spunk attract the attention of Robert. Robert immediately falls for Ella, and wants to do everything he can to find his love. Ella on the other hand, isn’t interested in anyone, she wants to start her dreams. Ella’s evil stepmother has betrothed Ella to a noble, but Ella is not interested.

With a lot of help from butterflies, mice, wooden crates, queens, friends, songs, and fabric, can Ella and Robert find a way to live happily ever after, while keeping their dreams alive?

 I really enjoyed the costumes, songs, acting, and story of the movie. It was really cool, and being a reader of books like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Five Feet Apart,” this movie really pulled at my heartstrings. I hope that you and your family will have a ball watching this movie, as my family did.

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