Being a Bear Essential News Young Reporter is teaching me to be creative, have a strategy, and to use my time wisely. I learned that you can use these same tools in chess when I joined A Tale of Two Kings, a chess academy in Tucson.

It offers individual and group lessons, chess camps, tournaments and now with coronavirus, it also has online options. Chess is almost 1,500 years old but it is still a very popular game around the world.

One of the coaches in the academy is named Matthew Coy, but I call him Mr. Matthew. He teaches me about chess and why it is so popular through life lessons. For example, each player is responsible for moving their own pieces. If they make a bad choice, there is a consequence and they could lose the game. In life, if I make a bad choice, there is also a consequence.

Mr. Matthew is creative, passionate, confident, friendly, and a wonderful coach. He was a Bear Young Reporter from 2011 to 2015 and received a plaque for Outstanding Stories and Articles, and he also interviewed Brian Jeffries. Currently he is a senior at Catalina Foothills. He is really interested in chess because he likes competitiveness, enjoys traveling for tournaments and loves that his decisions control the outcome of the game.

Just like I am learning in Bear Essential News, creativity, focus, strategy and time management are important in chess. Mr. Matthew highlights those tools in our chess lessons. In the future, he hopes to be a grandmaster and a lawyer. He said both of his goals are similar because they require strategy and focus to bea success.

In conclusion, in my opinion, there is no better experience than being a Young Reporter for Bear. There is no chess academy better than A Tale of Two Kings. And there is no better coach than Mr. Matthew. To find out more about chess and my number one coach, visit

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