Are comics only for nerds? If you said yes, think again! I went to the Tucson Comic-Con at the Tucson Convention Center over Labor Day weekend and learned there’s something for everyone. I saw lots of comics and artwork for sale, some famous people, and a bunch of attendees.

There were people wearing costumes– that’s called cosplay. Usually, the costumes are comic related like Superman or Wonder Woman. However, there were also Halo video game characters, Disney princesses, and even the AI doll from the movie Megan. There’s a gaming spot that had an arcade and other fun games like Super Smash Bros set up for tournaments. Outside, they had food trucks. There were even two contestants from “LEGO Masters” building Lego sets.

The parking was really rough because the lots were full before it even opened. The line getting in was really long, but it was really fun, too, because I got to see all of the people’s costumes right away. My favorite was Alien. Overall, I had a pretty good time and it seemed like everyone else did too.

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