In my neighborhood there was a giant puddle formed by the monsoon rain. One day my mom and I decided to go for a walk. We looked in the puddle for tadpoles and saw none. The next week we looked again and we saw one and then a whole bunch.

We realized that the tadpoles could get run over by a car. So we made a sign that said “Avoid puddle. Tadpoles!” so the cars wouldn’t drive over the puddle and the tadpoles would be safe.

 After we had put up the sign I suggested that we take a tadpole home and research it. So we went back home, gathered supplies and went back to catch a tadpole! When we got back to the puddle I caught a tadpole on my second try. When we got home we put her in a bigger container. Unfortunately, the next morning when we woke up the tadpole had passed away. But we realized even though one died a thousand tadpoles survived because of our sign. A couple weeks later we saw that the tadpoles had become tiny baby toads thathopped around the grass by the puddle.

Here are some toad facts:

Toads’ skin color blends into the desert ground. When they start to grow their back legs, tadpoles absorb their tails instead of eating food. Female toads do not make sounds so if you hear a toad croak then you know that it is a male toad. Don’t put male toads together because they will fight. Male toads are smaller than female toads.

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