‘Ferdinand’ Screenwriter Shares His Story

It was fun to meet writer David Weiss. He has a very interesting life. He grew up in Ventura, California. He went to film school, but even before that he had a wild imagination.

Weiss appeared at the Tucson J in September. He used to be a Christian and now he’s Jewish.

He talked about the comparisons between Christianity and Judaism. He also talked about his journey to becoming a screenwriter. Weiss spent two years in Ireland and helped write “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” I love that movie! He’s a very funny person. He has written two Rugrats movies, “Shrek 2,” “The Smurfs,” and worked on the upcoming movie “Ferdinand.” He talked about how he wanted “Shrek 2” to have a theme and so he made it about love.

Weiss has two children. He remembers that when he was a kid, he was the class clown. It was cool to meet him. His lecture was inspirational—he talked about writing, not giving up and love. 

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