Destination: NASA Next!

Attention all space fans! The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has launched a new kid’s magazine called NASA Next! It was created for kids in grades 5–8. The magazine breaks down science and space to a kid’s level. It is only available online. You can download the latest issue for free on any device. Kids can tell their teachers about the NASA Next Educators page so they can learn more about space and science in the classroom. The first issue was presented on May 23, 2016, and the fall issue has already been released.

Some highlights of this month’s issue are news about the launch of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission, a story about one planet and two suns, the Juno spacecraft traveling 2 billion miles to Jupiter, and articles about the melting Artic and global warming.

I got to speak to Sarah Schlieder, the creator of NASA Next! I asked her about the idea behind the magazine. She says with all the amazing news at NASA she wanted to make sure that younger audiences would not just read the news but understand it and be engaged and inspired by it. Schlieder says the winter issue of NASA Next (December) will highlight a new mission called GEDI. Sounds like the word Jedi in Star Wars but actually stands for Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation. GEDI may tell us more about the Earth’s ever-changing ecosystem.

I am a fan and can’t wait for it to come out! Go to to download issues. It’s a mission you’ll never forget.

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