Over the summer myself and 14 other Girl Scouts went on a nine-day trip to Tokyo, Japan and it was amazing! We earned this trip by each of us selling over 5,500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

I absolutely loved Japan, the people were super nice, the culture was interesting and the food was delicious! I also felt very safe in Japan. My favorite highlights were: Mt Fuji, Tokyo Sky Tower, Shrines and Temples, dressing in a Kimono, and also going to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea!

Japanese culture puts others needs above their own. They are very considerate of others at all times. An example of this is when you are using an umbrella, it is common to have a clear see-through umbrella to not disrupt others’ views. Another example is that there is no yelling or talking really loudly. Everyone is very respectful to those around them. We learned it is important to be Polite, Punctual and Patient.

I learned that it is very expensive to have pets in Japan and so there are many animal cafes everywhere! We had a chance to visit them and cuddle with dogs and cats but also all kinds of animals such as a ferret.

We had fun visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Disney Sea is the only Disney park themed on the myths and legends of the sea! Also, one thing I found interesting is that in the Japanese culture there was no yelling on rides.

GROUP PHOTO: Girl Scouts of Sothern Arizona

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