The newspaper has come a long way. In fact, the newspaper has changed a lot during the years. Before, the newspaper was very different from how it is today. For example, the newspaper would only be available in paper, but now you can find it online.

Bear Essential News , however, has continued to give out their articles in paper, but if you go to Bear’s website you can see the stories there as well. Bear isn’t the only newspaper that continues to print, many other big publishers also publish in paper and online.

My grandma told me that when she was a kid they would deliver newspapers on donkeys! Now you can receive them via email or even in the mail. Now people can talk about their opinion in the newspaper, but things weren’t always like that.

 Benjamin Harris was arrested because he said his opinion on politics in his newspaper called “Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick” in 1690. All the copies ever made were destroyed. Now, people can talk about their opinion whether it’s about politics or music, it can even be about style.

 Newspapers now are very successful but what was the first newspaper to be successful in America? In 1704, John Campbell released the first ever newspaper to be successful in America. His newspaper was named “The Boston News-Letter” and was soon an instant hit.

A couple of years later, James Franklin had released his newspaper thinking that it would be a big success like “The Boston News-Letter,” however there was one small problem, he added his thoughts about politics, just like Harris had. Franklin was also arrested and afterwards and could no longer write. He had a plan though. He gave all of his stories to his brother, Benjamin Franklin, who published them. As Benjamin Franklin continued to write he became one of the best writers/publishers in American history.

As you can see the newspaper has changed in many different ways throughout the years.


Photo:  Bear editor Stephen Gin at a Tucson press check in 2019, along with the Production manager and several of the press crew.

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