Wright Flight Lets Students Soar

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly an airplane? I flew an airplane in a program called Wright Flight. To be able to fly you have to be a fifth-grader at a school that participates in the program.

In Tucson the program is held at the Tucson Airport Executive Terminal. To participate you have to set a goal, achieve it, and pass a test on what you learn about in the Wright Flight program. You learn all about the Wright brothers and how they eventually built asuccessful flying glider, and about how aviation grew over the years. You also learn about space exploration and about people who made big changes in these fields, such as Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Doolittle and Eugene Bullard. You also learn about the parts of a plane and what they do.

You fly with a pilot who volunteers for this incredible opportunity. In a small plane, you soar above houses, mines, hills, and other extraordinary views. On Oct. 27, I flew in the Wright Flight program. I flew a red and white Cessna,  but there are different models of planes as well. When I flew I went up with one other student and my pilot. We both took turns flying and we flew for about an hour. After you finish flying you receive a shirt, a bracelet, and a card with a picture of you and the pilot you flew with, signed by the pilot. Wright Flight is amazing, and I had so much fun doing it with part of my class. It’s an amazing opportunity for any fifth-grader.

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