On March 25, eight Monster Jam trucks lined up, ready to race at the Tucson Convention Center. The floor of the arena was converted to a dirt course. The trucks waited for the go sign, and they were off! The blaring noise of fans cheering deafened the piercing roar of monster truck wheels. The smell of gasoline and burned rubber tickled my nose and fi lled the arena. It sure was a sight to see!

The trucks were all unique—there was the famous and crowd favorite Grave Digger. The shark-themed Megalodon and dinosaur-themed Jurassic Attack were two of the most uniquely designed trucks .

 Attending the Monster Truck Jam was super exciting, and I was lucky enough to interview one of the drivers prior to the Tucson event. I chatted with Myranda Cozad, driver of the Scooby Doo truck. I asked her Cozad for advice for kids who would like to be monster truck drivers. She said never give up, advice she has lived by. Cozad has wanted to be a Monster Truck driver since she was little. She said that she’s always had support and encouragement from her family and that allowed her to follow her dreams and achieve her goals. Her parents are her best friends, she says, and the best role models she could ask for in every aspect of life.

I asked if she would change anything about her truck, and she replied that she would not change the truck and she is perfectly okay with Scooby!

 There were four different competitions—racing, skills, donut and freestyle. In the racing competition, the trucks race with the first place driver moving on until only two trucks remain competing for racing champion. In the skills competition, Monster Jam drivers try to perform the best stunt, getting at least two of their wheels into the air. In the donut competition, drivers spin their truck as many times as possible in a flat section of the course. In the freestyle competition, drivers perform tricks and stunts.

Spectators get into the action by rating the driver’s tricks and stunts with the Judges Zone app! Using the app, fans are allowed to score the driver’s performance from 1 to 10.

After all the rounds, the winner of the day was Rockwell Red, driven by Travis Mowery. While Cozad didn’t win any individual competitions, she had a great night advancing in multiple rounds.

My favorite part of the event was watching all the trucks do awesome tricks! I would definitely go to see the Monster Truck Jam again the next time they are in town, and I recomment you do too!


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