The Art of Problem Solving is a new STEM curriculum designed to offer a deeper, more challenging math instruction, helping kids excel at this subject. The program is for kids in grades 5–12. The texts introduce key math concepts and teach kids how to develop new ideas with ways to apply these ideas to challenging problems. Thousands of students are using the program, and many have gone on to win contests such as MATHCOUNTS.

The Beast Academy provides a rigorous, engaging curriculum for aspiring math beasts ages 8–13. Each level is split into four units. Each unit has a guidebook and a practice book. These engaging books give students a solid foundation for their future studies in math, science, engineering, computer science and related fields. For younger students, the new Beast Academy offers a creative new method for teaching math to kids in grades 2–5.

Reporter Paul Perez, grade 3, reviewed materials from the Beast Academy and says, “The Beast Academy Math Books are like math books I’ve never seen before. I enjoy reading graphic novels and these books reminded me of graphic novels or, better yet, comic books.”

The workbooks are colorful and fun and have characters that are really creative, Paul says, and he enjoyed looking at them, but his mother needed to help with the math problems. If you enjoy math, and if you’re good at it, these workbooks are a new, fun way to challenge yourself, he says.

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