Do you like Animal Crossing? How about Super Mario? Well, you’re in luck. Nintendo decided to do a collaboration with Animal Crossing for Super Mario’s 35th anniversary.

After you download the new update to your village, the Nook Stop will start to offer promotion items. You can find familiar items like the Super Mushroom and the Question Block. Not only items but outfits are available. If you want your villager to look like Mario from head to toe, get the outfit! Maybe you like Luigi better than Mario, so you can get the Luigi outfit. Other characters like Wario and Princess Peach also have outfits available. This doesn’t cost money but it does cost  bells—the currency in Animal Crossing.

You may be wondering what these items can do. Most of them can be used as furniture items, meaning you can place them anywhere you like. But that’s not all you can do. A warp pipe is also available. You can place them anywhere and entering the warp pipe is also possible. But what happens if you enter? The only way to find out is to try it on your island!



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