Chess Is a Great Team Sport

There are a myriad of intriguing facts why chess is a good team sport. The first reason is that chess is fun. Next, chess helps your brain. Although it’s a team sport, it also is very individual.

First, chess is a great team sport! Team practices give you time to learn new techniques and play them against your friends. Even though chess is played individually, the scores of everyone on a team are added together for the final rankings. One local chess club is called “ESCC,” (East Side Chess Club.) It is on River and Dodge. If that is not available, at some schools there are chess clubs before or after school. 

Then there are the tournaments. Usually, there are refreshments. Sometimes there is free pizza at the end! According to chess coach, Josh Leonard, the most important thing about chess is having fun. “If you’re looking for a tournament, the free 9Queens events at the public library are the best and a lot of fun,” Leonard says. There are a lot of kinds of chess tournaments. One is called Bughouse. You have a partner, and if they capture a piece they give it to you, and when it is your turn you can put it anywhere on the board and vice versa. Then, of course, there’s regular chess. A great book to read to learn more is “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.” 

Last, chess helps your brain. In a game of chess, you always have to be thinking two to three moves ahead. If you are on a website such as, or, you can do chess puzzles. Those chess puzzles can help your chess knowledge grow. You also have to be looking all over the board.


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