Reporters Hike Saguaro National Park

We started out climbing a tall hill. There were a few rocks on the path. Then we went farther up the mountain, and there were a whole lot of rocks, and most of them were loose. It was REALLY scary! I was so glad when we started to head down!   

I was even more glad when the path widened and the rocks became tight. What I found really funny is that my brother was so worried about getting food that he ran down the mountain as fast as he could to get a hot dog. 

I asked Park Volunteer Ed Hendel what he thought about this special Young Reporter Night and his favorite part. 

“Finding scorpions and hearing your stories,” Hendel says. “I like the way they (the scorpions) glow.”

I also asked him why he enjoys volunteering at Saguaro National Park West. “I like the desert and I like hiking,” he says. “I like how tall the saguaros are.”

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