Girl Scouts Visit the Casa Grande Ruins

 Recently I visited the Casa Grande Ruins National Park with my Girl Scout Troop. It was very fun and the sites were amazing.

There were many structures that the Sonoran Desert People’s ancestors built a long time ago. There were many small and regular houses and there was one called the ‘Big House.’ The Big House is where the people gathered if they needed a meeting or to get together. All of the houses were made out of a claymud substance.

The people were approximately a mile away from a river so they dug a path from the river back to their houses. They used the water to help build their houses, keep their crops alive and growing, for drinking water, and to assist in cooking. It is believed that the people were forced to move away and abandon their home because the river eventually dried up and they couldn’t live without water. When they were walking to their new home, a huge thunderstorm came. The storm created large floods and many people died.

If you enjoy learning about ancient people and seeing ancient artifacts, then I recommend visiting the Casa Grande Ruins National Park.


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Andrea Divijak