Minerals Shine at Tucson Gem Show

This past month was the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. This year’s theme was “The Minerals of the Mid West.” The show displayed many beautiful gems and minerals including geodes, calcites, turquoise, fluorite, wulfenite, and more. You haven’t herd of wulfenite? Nether had I until I found out that there Is a house bill to make wulfenite the state mineral of Arizona. If the bill passes Arizona school children will all know what wulfenite is.

I was escorted by Gloria Quigg and Bob O’Donnell, the co-publicity chairs of the show. They showed me so many cool minerals and gems. I saw a giant Gypsum Geode from Texas. It was twice as big as my head! We visited an exhibit where you could pick out a round geode and break it open. Mine was filed with dark, pretty crystals. Then they took us behind the scenes of the children’s education center sponsored by the University of Arizona. It’s a place where kids can get a free sample of some cool minerals. We also met Robert Detrich, a world-renowned archeologist known as the Fossil King. He has found lots of dinosaur fossils, including a baby T.rex named baby Bob, an adult T.rex, and baby Thescelosaurus named Meggie.   

The 2018 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show will be Feb. 8-11, and is titled “Crystals and Crystal Forms.” 





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