Edible Seeds

I like to learn new things, don’t you? First, let’s talk berries. Did you know that an avocado is a berry and that a strawberry is not?

For a fruit to be a berry it has to have seeds inside. Strawberries have seeds on the outside so it isn’t really a berry. Now nuts—seeds surrounded by a hard wood-like covering are nuts. They even float in water. Peanuts are not really nuts! They are pods. What are pods? Pods have a row of seeds that stick to the inside of the fruit like a pea pod or a peanut.

Drupe is a fun word to say. It describes a fruit like an olive or a peach which has a stone, or pit, in the middle. Almonds are drupes, too! When you eat an almond you are actually eating the seed, not the fruit.

Can you guess a type of fruit that has a leathery skin but is softer than a watermelon? I hope you guessed something like an orange. Anything like an orange or a lime is in the hesperidium category.

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