Prepare to Escape the Heat, Go Camping!

Camping is a fun activity to do in the summertime, while also getting away from the hot sun! In order to have a fun time, it is important to prepare. 

Recently, I went on a camping trip with my Girl Scout troop at Camp Whispering Pines on Mt. Lemmon. We noticed some of the advantages of camping: the big trees, breathtaking views, and learning important skills without the high-tech items we rely on today. We did archery, hiking, nature art, soap carving, dish washing and cooking. But for these activities to happen, we had to prepare. 

Packing is the most important part of having a successful trip. has comprehensive articles online. Plan on bringing more food and water than you think you need. You also need to know the 10 Essentials: 

  • Food 
  • Water
  • Whistle with whistle commands
  • A flashlight or headlamp
  • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen, lip balm)
  • A first aid kit
  • Compass and/or map
  • Weather protection (poncho/temporary shelter)
  • Matches 
  • Backpack for your things

If you want to bring extra items, multi-use tools, rope, duct tape, a water purifier and extra wool socks are very helpful.

In order to go camping, you need to know some important skills. You need to know how to read a map, pitch a tent, put out and start a fire safely, whistle commands and meanings, use a compass, do open-fire cooking, make knots, and how to use a water purifier. Supplies and instruction guides can be found at stores like REI, Summit Hut, Miller’s Surplus, and even Target, Big 5 and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Now that you know how to successfully prepare for a camping trip, you are ready to go camping!


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