It’s No Wonder Why Everyone’s Falling for ‘Wonder Woman’

Warner Bros strikes super hero gold with this action packed family movie. Director Patty Jenkins takes us on a journey as Diana (Gal Gadot) discovers the truth behind her destiny.

The movie shows Wonder Woman’s growth from child to warrior, on the Island of the Amazons. She soon meets up with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who is a World War I pilot. Diana and Steve go on a quest to end war and save the world. Along the way they team up with some funny and helpful sidekicks. Together they help Diana discover the truth of her power and creation.

A surprise twist ending sets the stage for Diana’s return in the upcoming Justice League Movie. Wonder Woman left me wanting to read about Greek mythology and World War I. This epic 2 hour and 21 minute show kept me on the edge of my seat! Its PG-13 rating comes from some battle scenes and humor that may be intense for some kids. “Wonder Woman: Rise of the War- rior,” is excellent with its super funny cast, amazing graphics and exciting story line. 

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