Tucson Business Owners, Inc. is collecting school supplies until Aug.15 along with Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson. The mission of Treasures 4 Teachers is to provide educators with free or low-cost learning materials.

Treasures 4 Teachers is a 501(c)3 organization. Volunteers help provide teachers hands-on learning materials that they could use in the classroom through recycled and donated items. They bridge the gap of great need of teachers and resources available in the community. Educators can get a membership at  where they can pick from a wide selection of learning materials.

Dr. Ed Ackerley, President of Tucson Business Owners stated in a press release, “The goal is to prepare packets for teachers and classrooms so they have learning materials for the start of the school year.”

Tucson Business Owners, Inc. is a group of local business owners who communicate with government leaders, educate group investors about issues and policies that affect profitability, and use sustainable marketing to communicate the group’s values.

Sparkle Cleaners is the main distribution center for Treasures 4 Teachers. Sparkle Cleaners owner Heath Bolin is kind enough to provide donation drop-off locations for this school supply drive. People can donate at the 15 Sparkle Cleaners throughout Tucson.

People can donate items like rulers, pens, binders, pencils, and other school items. People might have extra school supplies, and they can donate to people that are in need instead of throwing out extras. This helps prevent landfills from overflowing. Some schools and districts don’t have the money to purchase school supplies, so the drive will make it easier for them to provide students materials.

So, if you can donate any school supplies, please stop by any of the 15 Sparkle Cleaners. Your donation of any re-purposed or extra supplies will transfer these materials into the hands of educators and students.

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