I am American but have lived overseas and never gone to school in America, so am curious about the differences. I bet going to school in England is different from going to school in Arizona, so I will tell you a little about my experience.

In normal times, I would wake up at 7:30 a.m., eat breakfast, brush my teeth, then make the 10-minute walk to school from my home. Once I get there, we go into the classroom, call the register and put our coats and bags up. We start with maths. Yes, we call it ‘maths’ with an

‘s’ rather than math. You might guess the ‘s’ means we do a lot of it—it feels like it! But I think it is just a different way of shortening mathematics. After that we do guided reading, when we read as a class, then we go to recess.

Next we go into Spanish followed by lunch and play with friends (a personal favourite). The afternoon is my favourite time of the day—we have English and for the last class it varies from something called “Topic” which is where we study one topic at a time. Our last topic was on the history of the Benin Empire in West Africa. Then we have something called Personal, Social, Health and Economic studies where we study things like human rights and antidiscrimination.

We also have a Handwriting class where you have to earn a “pen licence” to use a pen to write instead of a pencil. I wonder if you need a license for that in Arizona.

(Editor’s note: favourite andlicence are the prefered spelling for British English, while favorite and license are used in American English.)

 We also have, Art, Physical Education and sometimes coding in Scratch (do you use Scratch for coding?) before going home.

 But that is in normal times. Since the COVID lock-down in the UK, maybe it’s a bit more like in Arizona. I do not exactly have a set time that I wake up. It ranges from 7 to 9 a.m. I still eat breakfast and brush my teeth, but I do not walk as far because I only walk down the stairs.

My school uses a platform called Google Classroom for our work and the subjects are about the same as normal. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I also have a video call with an English teacher that lasts about an hour and a half. If I work hard with my teacher then I have a short break, if not I probably have to do another lesson before my break. Around then it’s lunch time. I do not really have a set routine after that, but I usually go jump on my trampoline.

Sometimes I like going to school better than home schooling and sometimes it is the other way around. Let me give you the positives of each.

The positives of going to school are:

 • I get to see my friends

• I am more active

• I recently turned 10 and could be an “independent traveller,” which is a fancy way of saying I could walk to and from school on my own or with friends, but without an adult.

A few positives of homeschooling are:

 • Food is better

• More freedom

• I do not have to wear a uniform—I

can get up and put on my regular


I suppose I like both homeschooling and going to school, but I really miss my friends and hope that we can get back to normal soon.

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