Staying home with your siblings doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a little creativity and compromise you can have a great week. Here’s how we schedule our week so everyone knows what to expect and how each of us can help.

Sunday: Drive-up church and taking turns calling or texting family members. At night we watch a funny movie or AFV to get everyone laughing.

Monday and Wednesday: Sprinkler play at home in the cool evening. We get to play in the water and mud and my mom gets her garden watered.

Tuesday and Thursday: These nights we go to our neighborhood soccer field. The field has a walking track, too! Sometimes we roller skate, play Frisbee or football. One night we all learned to throw a boomerang.

Friday: We all love this day. It means oven pizza and wings for dinner. We eat picnic style in the living room. (Just be careful your baby siblings don’t step in your plate!) We watch a movie. We love classics like The Swiss Family Robinson. Then we clean up and set up a camp right in the living room.

Saturday: Early in the morning we grocery shop because it’s a chore now that nobody likes. But if we get it done early and work together we get to have a big fancy breakfast at home. Pancakes anyone?

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