Have you ever wondered what a math club does? Immaculate Heart School, home of the Knights on the Northwest side of Tucson, started a Math Club. The club is led by Math Kangaroo facilitator, Dr. Katrina Henry, Assistant Professor of Practice in Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. Meetings are held twice a week for 30 minutes and students will be participating in and hosting the Math Kangaroo Competition on March 16.

“Math Kangaroo is an international math competition held every year in March. We practice problems from the Math Kangaroo tests and we learn about math concepts like fractals, series, and probability. We also play math games, but most importantly, almost everything we do in life uses math. Fluency helps us understand the world around us,” Henry says. The annual competition aims to encourage students to develop mathematical skills and apply these in their daily lives.

Henry shares with us what got her interested in math and what her plans are for the students enrolled in the math club. She says, “I enjoyed math as an elementary student, but I got some answers wrong, I enjoyed the math puzzles, and my goal is to get students interested in math puzzles.” Math Club member Nora Hadeed expressed pride in being in the Math Club and says, “I like solving math puzzles because it’s a fun way to learn math and being with my friends and solving problems together.”

I decided to enroll in the Math Club because learning math is good—it helps you with money, makes you a better cook, solve puzzles, and I must admit I am having fun learning and making fractal trees.

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