With the COVID pandemic, many things changed. One thing that changed was the way that sports were influenced. Whenever people think of sports, they think of teamwork and everyone together. However, that was something that COVID changed. COVID brought many problems upon volleyball coach David Rubio and his team. Rubio is the head women’s volleyball coach at the University of Arizona and has been in that position for 30 years.

During Rubio’s sophomore year of high school, his school introduced boys volleyball. Rubio, along with a group of boys who are still to this day his friends, joined the team. “The coach who was coaching me in high school has been my mentor throughout the years” Rubio says. After graduating in 1981, Rubio went into teaching. Then in 1987, Rubio was asked to coach at a school in Bakersfield.

During his time there, he and his team won a national championship. He coached there for about five years. Then in 1992, he was hired at the University of Arizona to coach the women’s volleyball team. He has been coaching there since then.

 “I love teaching and I love the opportunity to infl uence young people, it’s been a passion of mine since, you know, back when I fi rst was playing.” Rubio states. Rubio also states that the best volleyball players are always the best students, and are always on top of their academic studies. “Those players tend to be high achievers,” he explains.

It was amazing getting to know a little bit more about Coach Rubio, as I also play volleyball. Rubio has led the Wildcats to fourteen 20-win seasons. In 2001, he was honored as Coach of the Year by ASICS/ Volleyball Magazine. He has also become the second coach in Pac-10/12 history to win 500 career matches.

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