There are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Day. My family and I celebrate New Year’s with new shoes. We buy new shoes to symbolize putting ourselves on a new path to success.

This year our shoes have a travel theme. We chose a travel theme because we stayed at home almost a year due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The shoes we chose were covered with a colorful map of the world.

On New Year’s Day we wear our new shoes. At midnight we go outside in our new shoes, carry empty suitcases and walk up and down our street. This is our family tradition because we believe however you start your year is how your year will end.

As soon as life returns to normal my family and I would like to travel as much as we can. Since we have been at home, my sisters and I have gone on several virtual tours and we have discovered new places we would like to visit in real-life. Hopefully our new shoes will bring us luck and we will soon be able to travel around the world in our new shoes.

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