We all know about the happiness a furry friend can bring. Either a cat or dog, these animals make great companions. The steps to adopting are simple and almost anyone can adopt.

The best way to meet your furry companion is to adopt from a shelter. Not only will adopting be quick and easy, but it will also benefit pets in need. Every time someone adopts, this makes more room for other animals to come in. Which leads to more adoptions. The best animal shelter to adopt from is The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSAZ). They are the largest non-profit organization in Southern Arizona and have been around for 76 years!

 The process of adopting is simple. To adopt a pet you must meet with a counselor. They will teach you about the animal(s) you are interested in adopting. They will ask you questions regarding your home, family, and lifestyle. With that information, they will determine if the furry friend is right for you! If you decide that the animal( s) you have chosen are the best for you then you pay an adoption fee. Everything is included within the adoption fee, including all vaccinations and altering. You can trust you are adopting a happy and healthy pet.

After attending an event at the Park Place Mall called Pups in the Plaza, I was able to speak with Sara, a volunteer at the event. Aside from adoptive services, the Humane Society offers full service veterinary care, including spay and neuter services and licensing. Sara stated they have three locations in Tucson and PAWSH at the Park Place Mall is one of them. Sara added that they have low cost spay and neuter. The Humane Society accepts all kinds of animals. Sara shared a memory of the biggest animal they have accepted at the shelter. It was a Clydesdale, which is a breed of horse that stood at 17 hands tall! Currently the PAWSH location has chickens up for adoption and it is very common to find many more at their bigger location on Roger Road. Thank you Sara for all your help.

As you can see, HSSAZ has a lot of cool programs and animals. If you are looking to adopt a pet, volunteer, or join the kids program, then go to HSSAZ where there are lots of pets you can look through to find your furry best friend! Don’t forget that you are also helping out animals in need. For further information, check out the HSSAZ website at  If you would like to see the animals in person, you can visit their other locations as well.

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