FLL Is Amazing!

FLL is an amazing, great and educational experience. FLL stands for FIRST LEGO League. There are seven people on each team competing on LEGO robotics. Teams are scored on: the programs robots complete, teamwork and research. You cannot just research whatever you want, you have to research something with the theme.

This year’s theme is Animal Allies! The missions that robots have to complete have to do with helping animals—that is awesome. There are several missions the teams can choose to do. Teams can do has many missions as they want. Missions are worth points—some are worth more than others. 

“The missions for FLL get harder each year. We have to keep trying new strategies,” my coach, Charlotte Ackerman, says.

This is my first year in FLL, and so far it has been truly amazing. My favorite thing about FLL is programming. It’s fun programming a robot on a computer with my partner Maija.

Maija says, “My favorite thing about FLL would probably be building with LEGOs.”

Griffin says his favorite thing is “probably building the robot—it was really fun.”

“My favorite part of FLL is going to the tournament and watching teams share ideas,” says Coach Ackerman.

The tournament is super fun. You do three run throughs of your mission—the highest score counts towards the overall score. Teams present their research and do a skit. My team won the judges’ award at regionals, which we all thought was amazing and surprising.

FLL is awesome, and my team has been fantastic. My coach is amazing—she has been doing it for 14 years. If you want join FLL, go for it. You make new friends and you learn how to program robots. FLL rocks!

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