On Jan. 20, 2006, Disney introduced “High School Musical.” Gabriella is transferring to East High, Troy's school. There, Gabriella and Troy are encouraged to audition for the new school musical, rivaling the talented siblings Sharpay and Ryan. It was a hit.

Two more movies followed. In “High School Musical 2,” Troy, Gabriella, and Gabriella’s best friend Taylor get a job at Sharpay’s parents’ Lava Springs Country Club. Sharpay is jealous and gets permission from her dad to give Troy a special promotion. As Troy experiences a job of a lifetime, will he give up the Wildcats and Gabriella to rise to the top?

In “High School Musical 3,” Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Gabriella and Troy graduate from East High. Unfortunately, Gabriella leaves for a different college.

My personal favorite, introduced in 2019, is “High School Musical: The Musical The Series.” It is mainly about a new drama teacher at East High, Miss. Jen. The main characters are Ricky Bowen, Nina Slazer and E.J Cassell. Miss. Jen has this crazy idea that they should do a production of High School Musical. Episodes include the drama of auditions, homecoming and Thanksgiving. Will Nini and Ricky make it through a bunch of read-throughs? Or will the opening night be messed up? It stars Joshua Bassett (Ricky Bowen), Oliva Rodrigo (Nini Slazer), Matt Cornett (E.J), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Larry Sapersine (Big Red). 

We're all in this together.

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