On Jan. 21, Young Reporters had another virtual opportunity to interview a guest, Kelly Saunders. She is the program manager for the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Services through Arizona State University. Saunders plans and organizes the annual Sustainability Solutions Festival, events which promote sustainability for people, the environment, and communities.

The Sustainability Solutions Festival focuses its events and programs on four subjects: Food, Environment, Well-Being and Connect with Each Other.

The Food program includes helping people eat healthy, organize events to eat with people and culture in food. Environment, which covers a broad range, is about growing gardens, and spreading the ideas of keeping our waters, land and yards clean. Well-Being is making sure people are doing fine, especially during the pandemic. Connecting with each other is related to the well-being part, for communication between people helps with well-being.

Every year, the festival has a new theme, and this year’s is togetherness. “How could we be together safely during a pandemic?” you may ask, but the festival is here to make sure we stay together, even if it means through a screen. Additionally, the festival will be virtual this year.

Throughout the 28 days of February, the Sustainability Challenge offers suggestions of videos to watch, books to read, recipes to try and more. Find the calendar on page 10 in this issue and online at sustainabilityfestival.asu.edu.  You can find more details through Instagram and Facebook.

The ultimate goal for ASU’s program is to inform “decision makers,” people who decide what they do with the environment, life and well-being. As Saunders states, the goal is to “create a better future for the next generation."

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