My trip to Australia was very fun! On my trip we visited the Sydney Opera House, went to the zoo, went on a cruise and so much more!

Believe it or not, this trip was made possible through Girl Scout Cookies! I sold over 5,000 boxes, which earned me a trip with our Council! This next cookie season, we could earn a trip to Japan!

My favorite part was when we went to the Sydney Opera House, and we got to see what it looked like inside and how big it was. There’s a giant auditorium where a beautiful orchestra plays. Above them is a large structure that’s shaped like the beautiful native flower called a waratah.

Even though the Opera House is my favorite, the zoo must come in a close second. When we went, we got to see a bunch of animals I had never seen up close before! We saw koalas, kangaroos, sloths, a cassowary and a bunch of other cool animals!

As much as I enjoyed visiting the Sydney Opera House and the zoo, what I enjoyed the most was the environment and lifestyle of Australia. It was cool to see all the buildings and beautiful trees everywhere. What I thought was the most interesting and nice was that most things were in walking distance of each other. People would walk, run, ride their bikes and maybe even skate to places instead of taking their cars. Also, it was so beautiful there and it felt like the weather was always nice (even though it hailed once) and everyone seems so nice, helpful, and happy there!

My favorite part of Sydney was nearby our hotel, where we could walk to the pier and see the Sydney Opera House in a perfect view! Overall, my trip to Australia was wonderful and I plan to visit again and maybe even move there when I am older!

PHOTO: Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona

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