Do you like collecting rocks? I have a rock collection. It has a lot of rocks.

There are many blue stones and calcite. They are common where I live. I have a whole garden of them, but I found only one clear one. It is very unique. I think it is a clear quartz. I also found a rock that is black and has little yellow spots. Rocks are very cool to me.

Do you have a rock collection? What kind of rocks do you like the most? I found shiny ones, a clear one, a lot of black ones and white rocks, too. Among them, my favorite rock is the one I found on the campsite. It looks like a normal rock, but there is a small hole in it. When I see inside the hole I can see the crystal white gem. It looks really cool!

My uncle took it to his friend who was a geologist. He checked it out and he said it could have a fossil in it. I have a sting ray tooth fossil and two shark tooth fossils.

Someday, when I grow up, I want to be a geologist or paleontologist. I think it would be fun to find cool rocks and fossils.

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