Class Wins a ‘Wonder’ Screening

My class won a field trip to go see the movie “Wonder” on Thursday, Oct. 26 at Harkins Theater. We went because my teacher entered the Certified Kind Classroom Challenge and won. There were 300–400 screenings given away out of thousands of classrooms that entered the contest across the country. We were very excited to win this trip. It was very fun! 

“Wonder” is about a boy named Auggie Pullman who had a facial difference which caused everyone to stare at him. Auggie is in fifth grade and is starting school for the first time. He faces many challenges as he tries to make new friends. One of Auggie’s teachers, Mr. Brown, teaches students about precepts to live by and that helps students to choose kindness. After this field trip my classmates and I worked on creating our own precept to live by. 

The most important precept in the movie is: when given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind. I recommend for everyone to go see the movie “Wonder.” 

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Kari Sjursen