Create Your Own Masterpiece

Have you ever seen a painting and wished that you had the talent to create a masterpiece? Now you can even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush in your life.

Kevin West, from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been a professional contemporary abstract artist for over 17 years. He is the founder of Gifted Custom Art. When he was battling stage-3 cancer he let his love of art distract him from the treatments as he tried to come up with ways to teach low-income kids the love of art. “It was scary at first being diagnosed, but I knew through my faith I would be okay,” West says. “I wanted to figure out a way to teach as many people around the world how to paint portraits.”

The idea to turn a picture into a paint-by-number that anyone could paint came to West when he created a simple paint-by-number portrait for his daughter and niece to paint of themselves. He then reached out to his friend Kelly Hipskind who does computer software and the two began Gifted Custom Art. 

I recently attended a painting party at Creative Juice to paint my portrait with a room full of other new artists. The steps are easy. You order a kit through Gifted Custom Art, select a photo of yourself, your pet or anything you want to create. You selected a color palette of either rose, green, blue, purple, black or brown. Your photo is then turned into a paint-by-number on canvas, and within a few hours of painting, anyone even without painting experience can become an artist.

To order your own kit, go to and enter the promo code CJUICE50 and soon you will be on your way to creating your very own masterpiece!

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