I went to Patagonia Lake to go fishing with my family during winter break. We drove there for what felt like hours but when we finally got there it was cold and raining. I did not care. I really wanted to catch a fish.

I practiced throwing the fishing rod a couple times. I felt ready and my dad put the bait on my hook. I sat there for a long time waiting to catch a fish but I did not. I moved to a different spot and tried again and still did not catch a fish. No matter what, I still had fun fishing with my family.

I really wanted to catch a fish so two days later my dad took me to Lakeside Lake in town. We spent the afternoon fishing. An hour later my dad caught a fish. A little bit later, a fish kept taking the bait and not getting caught for a while. Then my sister caught a fish, and I ran to take a look. She caught a Catfish. I went back to my spot and my fishing rod was moving,and my dad helped me reel in the fish. Finally, I caught a Bluegill fish and named him Arnold.

If you want to catch a fish, you need to: have fun, get good bait, be quiet, and have lots and lots of patience.

You do need a fishing license even if you are fishing at Lakeside Lake. Visit azgfd.com  (Arizona Game and Fish) or details on how to purchase a fishing license. If you want to try out fishing without a license, you can do so on June 1, 2024. That is free fishing day in Arizona.

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Sarah McKeown