Have you ever wondered what a fully vegetable dessert tastes like? A dessert made of vegetables sounds weird. But, if you make it the right way, it can taste amazing.

Most children avoid vegetables like the plague. Growing up, I kept myself away from vegetables. Yet, when I tried this dessert, it blew my mind. This dessert is called Tarte Tatin—the secret vegetable is beets! Tarte Tatin is basically assembling an upside down pie in a pan, where the bottom of the pie is on the top and the various fillings are at the bottom. You cook the pie on a stove and then transfer it to the oven to let it fully cook. When it is cooked, you flip the pan over and the pie is now right side up.

I tasted this dessert for the first time at Sunset Supper, an event associated with Tucson Village Farm and 4-H Healthy Living Ambassadors. At Sunset Supper 50 people come to Tucson Village Farm and eat a four-course meal made by teenagers. I volunteered and even prepared parts of the dishes at the event. I am one of the youngest volunteers there, and I helped set up the dining area. I was even a server. I enjoyed serving the people and talking to them. From the looks of it, they enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

The next Sunset Supper is on April 22, and I’ll definitely be there to prepare and make some delicious food. You can get a seat by going to the website. Visit  then click Events.

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