My family recently went to Golf N’ Stuff and I interviewed Taylor Nelson, the Director of Sales for Golf N’ Stuff. She has been working at Golf N’ Stuff since 2016 when she first worked as a cashier.

Since COVID began, Nelson helps schedule outside birthday parties. We talked about the history of Golf N’ Stuff and COVID safety guidelines. There are three locations for Golf N’ Stuff: One in Tucson and two locations in Ventura and Norwalk in California. In fact, the original Karate Kid movie used the Golf N’ Stuff arcade as a movie set in Norwalk.

Golf N’ Stuff was first established in 1976 in Tucson with a sister company named Castles N’ Coasters located in Phoenix. Originally, Golf N’ Stuff’s name was Golf N’ Things. When they first began, they wanted a medieval theme course. After the Tucson location opened, the other locations opened up simultaneously. Golf N’ Stuff first started with the two miniature golf courses and the arcade. Then, they opened the bumper boats. Later, they opened the go-karts and the batting cages. The last attraction that they added was laser tag.

Safety measures are currently being taken due to COVID. Guests are required to wear masks at all times. There are six feet markers when people are standing in line. Also, every other game in the arcade is shut off, and an arcade tech is scheduled to clean the available games as well as restrooms every hour. Furthermore, at each station and register, there are hand sanitizers for employees and guests. There are also UV-C sanitizers to kill germs on the golf balls and golf clubs.

When I was at Golf N’ Stuff, I had a blast there. I enjoyed being with my family. I played golf and I rode the go-karts. I felt very safe while having a fabulous time. People should consider coming out here because Golf N’ Stuff is safe and fun for the whole family. I will come back again multiple times.

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