Jeff Kinney’s new book, “Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories,” was released March 16. This is the third book in the Awesome Friendly series, and it is spectacular! You’ll like it if you enjoy somewhat spooky and funny stories.

There are lots of fun short stories told from Rowley’s point of view. In my opinion, Rowley’s point of view is fun and exciting, like it is being told by one of your friends. The Wimpy Kid books are told from Greg’s point of view, and he seems to try to act older and more mature than Rowley.

Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories are unique because they have ministories inside the book, which is different from the other two Awesome books. All the spooky stories are not like each other—they all have their scary parts and funny parts.

My favorite spooky story is the first one in the book. Rowley starts growing hair all over his body and he does not know why. He tries to shave it but it comes back so he asks his parents, and they tell him that they are all werewolves!

Kinney told me that his favorite story is one of the last stories about Greg creating a monster for his science fair project. I highly recommend this book if you like thrills, scariness and humor!

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