Did you hear there’s one new animal at Brights Zoo that is really special? Why is it special you may ask? It is a baby female giraffe that has no spots or patterns. The baby giraffe was born on July 31 in Limestone, Tennessee.

This is the first spotless giraffe born in the United States. The spotless giraffe is unique because the last time this happened was in 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. The baby giraffe is healthy. It is six feet tall. The giraffe’s mom is named Sheena.

The Zoo asked for the world’s help in naming their new spotless calf. The zoo had four names for the world to vote on. The choices were 1. Kipekee, which means unique, 2. Firyali, which means unusual or extraordinary, 3. Shakiri, which means she is most beautiful, and 4. Jamella, which means one of great beauty. My vote was for number 3, Shakiri, because itsounds like her mom’s name.

The winning name was chosen from the 40,000 people from around the world voting on Facebook. The baby giraffe’s winning name is…Kipekee. The zoo owner, David Bright, thinks this name won because it is the easiest name for kids to say.

 Here were the total votes:

1. Kipekee 36% of votes 2. Firyali 10% of votes

3. Shakiri 24% of votes 4. Jamella 30% of votes


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