Since we live in the desert, it is evident that water is scarce. When rain falls, Phoenicians are known to run outside and rejoice. But when lakes are low, citizens begin to worry because water is necessary for life.

Even if you are not in an official water conservation role, there are many things that Arizonan residents can do to help conserve water because every little drop counts. According to Emily DeJesu, a water conservation specialist, “Not conserving water now could lead to more difficult times in the future. Our weather and climate are constantly changing, so we want to try to conserve as much water now, so it puts us in a better position in the future.”

Her colleague Deina Burns adds, “Locally, I would say we do live in a desert. It’s an arid area, so we want to make sure that we have water for today, but we also want to make sure we have water for the future. So, conserving is what allows us to continue to store and have those future supplies.”

The good news is that saving water is probably one of the most manageable changes you could make to your daily life. Not only are you reducing the amount of water you withdraw from our water reserves, but you can also help lower your water bill. Conserving water might mean taking shorter showers. However, many other opportunities are easy to incorporate into your daily life. For example, when cleaning aquarium tanks, fish owners can pour the water onto a non-edible plant instead of down the drain. In addition, when washing a pet, such as a dog, washing on the lawn will freshen and clean up your pet while watering the grass. Rather than using a hose to clean your patio, driveway or sidewalk, try sweeping instead. Re-use your bathing/showering towels instead of washing them every time they are used. If you drop ice cubes, put them on a plant instead of in the sink.

You can visit wateruseitwisely.com  to find out more ways to conserve water, and how it impacts the environment during Arizona’s drought. These actions do not cost much effort or time but will significantly benefit Arizona’s citizens and the environment.

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