Woosh! That’s the sound that the water makes as the boat soars over it. I look out at the lake as it shimmers in the sun. I take a deep breath and continue paddling. Would you believe that there is a dragon boating team that practices in the middle of the desert?

Dragon boating is a remarkable sport. It’s fun, and you get to make friends. It is a team building activity. You get to paddle with the rest of the team in rhythm. Dragon boating is also beneficial exercise: it helps build upper body strength, core muscles and stamina. It is a superb way to stay fit!

You can sign up to try dragon boating for free at the official Arizona Dragon Boating Association’s website: azdba.org. The youth team is called the CrAZy Cuttlefish . They accept people ages 8 to 17. Every Sunday morning, they paddle at Tempe Town Lake. They supply all necessary equipment. Just remember to bring drinking water and wear sunscreen.

Hopefully you will join us one Sunday morning as the dragon boat zooms across the water!


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