I am going to write about the festive spirit of the season of fall (not capitalizing the word “fall” is actually proper grammar!). So, let’s get into some fall-themed fun!

Have you heard of Desert Springs Community Church, in Goodyear, Arizona? If you have, you might know of its Annual Fall Festival, a celebration held every year until 2018. Almost every year, my family and I would go there Halloween night with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. My grandfather’s birthday is on Halloween also, so we’d swing by his house before the festival. The last year we went, I was a Power Ranger (My mom was, too!), and my cousin was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. She has always loved action movies and shows.

This year, Halloween is going to look different for everyone, including me. So here is a way to still add some festiveness to your home:

D I Y Fall Festive Garland (DIY stands for ‘do it yourself,’ a term used in crafting!)

What you will need: 

 • Cardstock in Halloween colors

 • A black marker

 • Halloween-themed glitter foam

 • Stickers (optional)

 • String (cut to size)

 • Scissors

 • A hole punch or a pencil

 • An adult to help, if needed

 • Damage-free wall hooks

What to do:

Step 1 : Cut your string to the size you want.

Step 2: Cut your cardstock into fall shapes, like pumpkins, leaves, etc. Tip: if

you’re making a pumpkin, you could make the stem using a glitter foam sticker

or a small piece of green cardstock. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Stems come

 in all shapes and sizes! Give yours an imaginative touch by making it different

colors! A wise aunt once said, “Your creativity is the limit!”

Step 3 : Use your marker to draw on eyes, noses, mouths and embellishments.

Step 4 : If you want, add sparkle to your garland by using glitter foam stickers!

Step 5 : Punch holes in the tops of your designs with a hole punch or pencil

(you could also  use a pen), and then string them on to your line of string.

Step 6 : Peel off the back adhesive off of the damage-free wall hooks, and then

tie the ends of the string in loops around the hooks. Always ask a parent or

guardian before hanging anything on the walls, even if it’s damage-free.

Step 7: Enjoy your Fall Festive Garland!

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