Halloween is traditionally scary with masks and monsters, but due to the pandemic of COVID-19, many people are starting to wonder what Halloween will look like this year.

Dr. Shad Marvasti, a Valley doctor, says we need to come up with creative ways to stay connected to family and friends. If you leave candy out for trick-or-treating ghouls and goblins, he suggests that you leave out pre-packaged candy in small allotments so kids are not reaching their hands into the same bowl.

Things to keep in mind are social distancing, hand sanitizing, staying connected and celebrating safely. Dr. Shad says that although most people will be wearing masks, it is still a good idea to wait 72 hours before opening and eating the candy. He says that the transmission of the virus does not occur as much on surfaces as it does face to face in close contact, but to be safe, smart and remember to sanitize surfaces and hands.

Some alternatives to door-to-door trick-or-treating might include parents hiding candy in their home and letting the kids do a scavenger hunt or drive-through events where kids do not have to leave their parent’s vehicle.

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