Imagine being the star of your own book! Imagine being a jackrabbit and starring in books! Jeremy Jackrabbit has starred in six books.

Authors Sasha and Rodney Glassman have written a series of books about Jeremy Jackrabbit and his adventures.

When the Glassmans went to the Tucson Festival of Books, they met a children’s book author and that made them want to become authors. Rodney

Glassman’s little brother, Jeremy, had a poster in his room with a jackrabbit on it so the Glassmans chose to use a jackrabbit in their books.

The Glassmans wrote their first Jeremy Jackrabbit book in 2010. The title was, “Jeremy Jackrabbit Harvests the Rain.” The book was illustrated by student artists from Tucson.

The Glassmans choose to write all of their books in English and Spanish so that all people can read them.

Their latest book, “Jeremy Jackrabbit Hops On Board,” is about transportation on the Valley Metro, light rail and a bicycle. All of the Glassmans’ books are  environmental stories.

Student artists of Arizona create all illustrations in the books. The Glassmans say, “It makes the book more interesting and it is community work.”

You can see and read all of the Jeremy Jackrabbit books online at  and learn more about Jeremy and the Glassmans.

The Glassmans’ advice: “If you want to become something, go after your dreams.”

Editors Note: Rodney Glassman earned his PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences at the University of Arizona.
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Karen Golden