As the traveler walked through the dark hallway, he took his tinderbox out and lit his torch. The walls were wet and covered with cobwebs. He spots a small man with a large, white, smooth beard. He readied his spell of teleportation to get away should he need to. This is the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). In it you will have great adventure!

D&D is a role-playing game, where you make and pretend to be someone you’re not. In this game you roll dice to decide what happens to your character. For example, if you’re jumping off a building into water, if you roll a twenty you might do a perfect headfirst dive into the water. But if you roll a one you might miserably fail and belly flop into the water.

D&D is a world of creativity, learning, socializing, adventuring and more! Using one’s brain and a set of seven dice to bring you through a quest of challenging puzzles. You make your own character entirely customized, choosing your character’s name, looks, and class. You can be anything from a wizard to a knight. The Campaign is the story you’re going through. You could be in a jungle or in a boat, a castle, or a village. The Dungeon Master is the narrator of the story and guides the entire game! You can get a pre-written campaign, or you could make your own, it depends on what you prefer, and I recommend trying both! You can find books at your local library or purchase them used from Bookmans Bookstore. Online resources like dndbeyond.com  will help new players make characters easier.

D&D is a fantastical game, it makes kids and teenagers and adults alike smarter, more creative, and the best part is making friends on the way to the end of the campaign. I hope you try playing D&D!


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