In 2018, Boy Scouts of America made the historic decision to change its name to Scouts BSA, and allow girls to join troops. According to the Boy Scouts website, since then over 5,000 young ladies have earned Eagle Scout rank, and over 75% of those females reported that scouting had a very positive effect on their abilities to set and achieve goals.

In February, I joined a large group of girls seeking scouting adventures, and it did not disappoint! As a troop, we have had many unique opportunities that I enjoyed. These things included visiting a veterinary hospital, a week-long camp in Pine, AZ, ropes courses, mountain biking, cooking contests, relay games, and so much more. I have made many fast friends under the guidance of strong and wonderful leaders.

One of the many enjoyable features of scouting is camping, and this fall, my troop (Troop 3030) participated in the council-wide camp-o-ree. Outside of our annual summer camp at Camp Geronimo, this camp was my favorite. Some events that we had the pleasure of competing in included hatchet throwing, cooking, fire starting, relays, an escape room, and an obstacle course.

Although it may not seem like it, all of these events are scout skills in disguise. For example, hatchet throwing is fun, but it also requires safety knowledge, as well as patience, focus, and paying attention to detail. Cooking and fire starting might seem obvious, but when you are required to start a fire with flint and steel, it’s essential  to know what natural resources to use so that youcan cook.

For the relays, we learned how to lash ropes in the event of an emergency so that a stretcher could be made using “logs” that you might find in the woods. That stretcher was tested during the relays by carrying a person around the field. I am happy to report that our stretcher held up the weight of a grown man! The escape room entailed orienteering and team collaboration in a timely manner, so we had to communicate very well to succeed. Lastly, the obstacle course tested our strength and agility.

While I have only been in Scouts BSA for a short period, I have already learned many valuable skills that I know will help me in years to come. I cannot wait to see what other adventures we embark on, and I look forward to all the upcoming events. Scouts BSA has been the highlight of my year!

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