Temperatures in Phoenix have finally been dropping, persuading more people to get outside and exercise, especially on popular walking trails like the Murphy’s Bridle Path in north Phoenix. “The Bridle Path is a reminder that I have to get moving every day at my age,” says Adam Day, a Phoenix resident who was out walking on Murphy’s Bridle Path in the early evening in late October. Day said he tries to get out and walk on the popular trail often. “I need to do this about 5 days a week,” Day says.

Another north Phoenix resident named Jim who was walking on the Bridle Path in the early evening in late October said he also tries to walk about 6 days a week. “I like the dirt, it’s easier on the knees,” Jim said. “It’s better than pavement.”

Murphy’s Bridle Path was once a place where people would meet up and ride their horses. Their club was called the “Arizona Horse Lovers Club”. Murphy’s Bridle Path was founded in 1948 when the Arizona Horse Lovers Club formally dedicated the 5-mile long trail. Today, the Bridle Path is used by many different people from across the Valley, although the heat this summer has probably kept a lot of folks cooped up in their houses.

This summer, Phoenix had a new record, with 54 days over 110 degrees weather. This likely has been preventing people from enjoying a nice walk on Murphy’s Bridle Path. According to the National Weather Service, it looks like cooler weather, and the Fall season, are on the way. The forecast calls for temperatures under 90 degrees through the beginning of November. That will come as good news to Katie Stoeller, of Phoenix, who likes to get out and walk on Murphy’s Bridle Path. “I like the convenience and that it is a bit of a sense of community,” Stoeller said about walking on the trail.

Other Valley trails and walking paths include:

• Salt River Shore and Rio Salado Pathway

• Japanese Friendship Garden Loop

• El Prado Park Loop

• Alvord Lake Loop

• Grand Canal Trail

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