I’ve been in Girl Scouts for four years. My Girl Scout Troop is really fun because our troop leaders are really nice and I get to do a lot of things with friends and help our community.

One of my favorite things about Girl Scouts is when we get to go to overnight Girl Scout camp every year. Camp is really fun because you get to meet other Girl Scout troops. Everyone at camp is so nice. The camp has a scavenger hunt, we make S’mores around the campfire and we get to sing songs. The camp leaders teach you how to care about the outdoors and how you can take care of yourself if you’re stranded in the mountains. Let me tell you, the food at camp is amazing!

Another fun troop experience was when we went to Veritiv to learn about how they make boxes for just about anything you can imagine. This company even designed Girl Scout cookie boxes.

When we first got there we got cute rubber ducks and then they showed us how they can build boxes for the ducks. We went into this really cold freezer where they can test if the box keeps the stuff inside it cold. Then we saw a machine that shook the boxes to see if the box protected the stuff inside. Then they dropped the box from different heights to see if the stuff inside the box would break. It was really cool how boxes can be all different shapes, sizes and colors. I never thought about packaging before, but now I notice all the different boxes things come in and I think it is cool.

Our troop also sells Girl Scout cookies, nuts and chocolates. Nuts and chocolates are sold in the Fall. If we sell a lot, then we get better cookie booths when we get to sell cookies in January. Before selling our troop always sets goals and we pick where to donate cookies. I like delivering donated cookies to the police station, firefighters, military, and teachers. I sell to my neighborhood and my family and my favorite place to sell cookies is at the grocery store, especially before the Super Bowl. When our Troop meets its goal, we celebrate with a big party.

Other fun things our troop has done is learning about our family trees, making pizza from scratch in the school cafeteria, painting kindness rocks and hiding them in the park to make people smile, science experiments, sewing pillowcases, making blankets out of fabric and recycling T-shirts into dog toys.

I hope you can tell how much fun being a Girl Scout is!

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