“....So yeah, just living the dream out here,” says Warrant Officer-1 Emily Gin when asked about her career as a helicopter pilot in training.

The Tucson native was a gymnast and Young Reporter as a child, starting around the age of 7. She says her favorite story she wrote for the newspaper was when she got to visit the tallest horse in the world. She spills that her and the horse got a picture together “and it made me look so small because the horse was really tall!”

She also says she has always loved being in the air, and was a skydiver at a young age. When the question came, “What job would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” she said she wouldn’t be doing anything else. “Something that I could do, that I could just be in the air, and the sky could be my office.” What  a wonderful description!

The most beautiful thing she’s seen flying were the gorgeous sunsets on the California beaches. “Sunset is just completely different from way up high in the air,” she says about the breath-taking display.

There are some things to look out for when you’re flying: turkey buzzards. She shared that they can hit the helicopter (more on that later), hurricanes, lightning storms, and a scenario that she has flown in herself, ‘dust landings.’

 Now about the turkey buzzards, or vultures. She says that there are a lot of them where they fly, so the vultures hit the helicopter often, which can do damage to the vehicle. “We actually have them hit the helicopter,” she says. As a matter of fact, she says another pilot in training had a turkey buzzard hit the helicopter they were flying in, and they had to immediately land on farmland on their very first day.

And before I close this article off, I want to include something else important: Her advice for kids who want to be pilots? “Meet as many pilots as you can, talk to them, make sure it’s something you like,” she says.

Warrant Officer Gin: Thank you for spending your time allowing us to interview you!

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